Man Mimics SHM, Can Listen To Music Without Headphones

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Man Mimics SHM, Can Listen To Music Without Headphones

Sick of having to carry your headphones like your average joe?  Why not just implant them in your head?

That’s what Rich Lee did, making headlines by embedding sound transmitting magnets into his ears.

Lee, who hails from Utah, is one of a growing trend of “grinders” – a group of people interested in adding technology to their bodies to create super humans.

But it’s not just forgoing the hassle of headphones that made Lee make the drastic move. With deteriorating vision, Lee believes this is the first step toward being able to echolocate, a talent previously reserved for dolphins and bats.

Lee can now listen to music with any jack equipped device through a magnetic coil that’s attached to an amplifier.

The job, which involves cutting opening your earlobes, is one that’s probably best to keep out of the DIY pile.

Maybe they can call this invention the Swedish House Mafia!

Source: FACT


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