The Bloody Beetroots team up with Beatles member

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The Bloody Beetroots team up with Beatles member

The Bloody Beetroots New Mask

When two sir’s meet….

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots has teamed up with original Beatles member Paul McCartney to make his first musical appearance in the contemporary electronic dance music scene.

The first preview of the track has emerged within a distorted video blaring snippets in between a whole lot of white noise. The two will meet again on more dance-friendly terms when the Italian Dim Mak signed producer will release a remix of Sir Paul McCartney’s 2008 track ‘Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight’ June 18th.

With only a teaser to go by, what are your predictions for the project? We can think of some better collaborations.

Expect the full track via Rolling Stone this Friday.


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