Kraftwerk working on new album and detail live performance

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Kraftwerk working on new album and detail live performance

One of Kraftwerks original founders Ralf Hütter has undertaken a rare interview letting loose that the band are working on a brand new, ninth studio album.

Sitting down with The Guardian, Hütter explained how their live show compares to all those years ago: “Nowadays basically Kraftwerk is a space lab: we can land anywhere as long as we have the projectors and the screens.” the sole remaining member continued “We experiment and make things happen, sometimes the fingers play themselves when you press record. There’s things like that on ‘Numbers’, those free-floating sound patterns: we’re not connected strictly with music, we work with sounds.”

Hütter detailed how he believed the composition process is no more easy than it was when they began; “(Modern technology) makes a lot of things easier and faster and casual and spontaneous. There’s a lot of improvisation in the concept of Kraftwerk.”

And on the question of Kraftwerks much awaited new album “Oh yes.” Is there a timeline? Hütter smiles broadly. “Of course. It’s music non stop!”

Read what Rave’s Dad thought of their recent Australian show for Vivid Live where they performed all eight albums over consecutive nights.


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