Watch Kraftwerks Ridiculous Live Performance In 1970

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Watch Kraftwerks Ridiculous Live Performance In 1970

Nearly everyone can claim to have heard some of Kraftwerk music in their time, that and have seen footage or photos of the electronic music pioneers proudly standing behind tables decked out in their red get-up’s moving like robots but what will truely make your jaw drop is rare footage of an early performance, captured the same year the group formed.

The footage from 1970 shown in black and white depicts the group as a more rebellious act, looking all too similar to pioneering rock bands at the time with leather jackets, flowing hair and tightly wrung pants with only one major difference to their counter-parts.

Instead of raucous guitar riffs the group is seen banging out twisted and repetitive electronic sounds without focus or reason to a mostly stunned crowd of young Russians some clapping others digesting the all too foreign sounds.

It really is a far cry from the chart topping, clean image they portrayed later on in their careers so a must-watch for fans! Check it out below;


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