Kraftwerk Show Cancelled Due To Ban On Electronic Music

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Kraftwerk Show Cancelled Due To Ban On Electronic Music

Legendary German electronic band Kraftwerk could be barred from performing in Buenos Aires due to the city’s ban on electronic music events, which came into effect after the deaths of six people at Time Warp festival in Argentina.

The group were due to play Buenos Aires’ Luna Park Stadium on November 23. However, as Argentine news outlet Clarín reports, while the shows promoters were given the go-ahead to start selling tickets, they were still awaiting a permit for the show itself. Two weeks ago, after 70% of the tickets had been sold, they were subsequently denied a permit for the show.

A city representative is quoted in Clarín as saying, After Time Warp, Judge Lisandro Fastman’s court ruling prohibited all electronic music festivals. Because of that, and despite the fact that they presented their paperwork with the required 30 days notice, we cannot authorise the permit.”

The representative goes on to note that while it may not be a dance music festival in a traditional sense, the ruling will still apply because the band use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument.”

The promoters, Move Concerts, are arguing against this ruling by stating that the concert is not a dance music festival, that it is an event for all ages lasting one hour to one and a half hours where soft drinks will be served. It has since filed the appeal and is hoping the ruling will be overturned and the concert may go ahead somewhere within Buenos Aires.

The ban on electronic music events came when six individuals died of suspected acute poisoning on the opening night of Time Warp Festival in April. Nine others were also left in critical condition on the opening night.

What are your thoughts? Is this another knee-jerk action that we have come to see around the globe in Sydney and London with the lockout laws and closure of fabric respectively? Let us know in the comments below.


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