Poolside – If We Make It

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Poolside – If We Make It

Memorial Day weekend was the unofficial start of summer (for us Americans), but the real sign of pool parties, Mojitos, and bikinis: new Poolside tunes. Generally kept at a cool 100 BPM with a twist of Mezcal, the Cali vibe-gurus have released their first original track in quite some time, “If We Make It” and given it away for free, courtesy of Scion’s 10 Year Anniversary. Odds are this track will make their next album, because it’s a nice one.

Too much Poolside induces a state of euphoric immobility, during which the urge to smoke reefer and drink margaritas is not resistible. Thus, I try to limit my Poolside listening from June-September, and well, they came back along again at exactly the right time. It’s time for Poolside to enter the rotation once again.

There’s no embed code, but here’s the chilled out tune:

Poolside – If We Make It

Red Bull gets a lot of attention for their music moves, but Scion (along with Mountain Dew) does some cool stuff. That Chromatics tune is one to keep your ears peeled for, in particular…


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