Koreless – Yugen EP [Young Turks]

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Koreless – Yugen EP [Young Turks]

Young Turks have done it again, with their latest release coming from British legend Lewis Roberts, aka Koreless.  In their 88th release to date, YT088 is marked by the producer’s Yugen EP, which takes a different route on electronic music than his previous work.  Rather than fleshing out the sound he established on early tracks like Up Down, Up DOwn and MTI, he’s completely stripped it down to its essential elements. With drum work and percussion already taking a secondary role in his productions, this EP has almost entirely taken them away, leaving pretty much just emotive synth melodies and thick samples.

It’s a five-track release, and don’t get me wrong, Koreless clearly does not need percussive work to make a stand with his music – this EP is amazing. In particular my favourite is the 4th track NoSun, which appropriately sounds a little bit darker than the last song on the EP Sun. 

If you’re into artists like Four Tet, get your hands on this one. Surprisingly (not really) in the words of Four Tet himself;  “that Koreless Yugen EP is one of the best new records I’ve heard this year.” Unfortunately I couldn’t get a link to stream all 5 tracks, but here are 2 :]


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