Chris Malinchak Challenges Daft Punk, Hits Number 2 On UK Charts

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Chris Malinchak Challenges Daft Punk, Hits Number 2 On UK Charts

How does a “random”  guy from New Jersey (ew, right?*) no one knew about a year ago reach #2 on UK’s Top 40 Hits Chart? By taking a " target="_blank">relatively unknown Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell track, extracting the beautiful vocals, and transforming it into something completely original: one of the more emotional and beautiful “dance” (it’s more than that and I for one think to much when it comes on to dance to it) tracks you’ll ever hear. It was right up there with “Clair De Lune” as one of the more innovative and brilliant tracks from last year, and radio play from Pete Tong and BBC, along with French Express’ keen marketing efforts propelled it into the blog spotlight…But now it’s gone world wide.

This unexpected Malinchak sighting/rebirth is a testament to the UK’s overall taste in music, and also shows how long America has to go to catch up to them. A quick glimpse at the UK chart shows Daft Punk (#1), Rudimental, Duke Dumont, and Disclosure in the Top 20. Meanwhile, over at Billboard, Pitbull is still in our Top 10 while Harlem Shake remains in the Top 30. And Americans who like real music continue to plead our anti-EDM case to no avail.

But let’s focus on the good, and all that is “So Good To Me.” Picked up by Ministry of Sound and  " target="_blank">now given a “proper” release/music video, it’s just refreshing and awesome and certifiably fantastic that the majority of people on this planet DO know what’s up. And with all due respect to the robots, this is a much stronger song then “Get Lucky” and really deserves that top spot. Major props all around to the entire French Express movement and Malinchak for putting good, real dance music on the map.

And for what it’s worth, it might not even be my favorite track produced by Malinchak last year. That one is under his alter ego/moniker The Establishment, and all sorts of tropical gooeyness:

Update: Chris even copped an endorsement from the queen of pop, Adele – @OfficialAdele Wow I love ‘So good to me’ by Chris Malinchak! So beautiful! X

*I’m from New Jersey.


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