WATCH: Pharrell Speaks on his collaboration with Daft Punk

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WATCH: Pharrell Speaks on his collaboration with Daft Punk


The fourth and latest Daft Punk collaborators video has recently been released and features none other than The Neptunes’ front man Pharrell Williams.

Following on from recent Collaborator videos with the likes of Todd Edwards and Giorgio Moroder, Pharrell openly speaks of his interesting collaboration with Daft Punk – or as he refers to them ‘the robots’. As well as Nile Rogers for the disco-funk tune ‘Get Lucky’, saying the track is representing “meeting someone for the first time and it just clicking. There is no better fortune in this existence for me.”

Pharrell then continues to elaborately describe the essence of the music expected in Random Access Memories, describing it as:

“Music that is beyond 3d. It is 4d, because it is in your mind. You don’t need MDMA for this music because it is so incredibly vivid…”

He then adds “People have lost respect for the groove, because it is all so synthetic now, it [the music] is just missing the gut.”

Not a bad point too, and after listening to the pure ‘gut’ in show in the ‘Get Lucky’ teaser, you can see exactly where he is coming from. This music needs no synthetic enhancer. Check out the full interview with Pharrell below as well as the ‘Get Lucky’ official teaser!

Daft Punk Collaborators 4 – Pharrell Williams

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rogers – ‘Get Lucky’ (Official Teaser)




















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