Stoney Charts Week 7: Kish’s Top 10

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Stoney Charts Week 7: Kish’s Top 10

It’s me. I’m back again with another 10 songs I am listening to this week. Music has become slightly more interesting since the last time I did one of these things; Daft Punk news, Jai Paul leaks and Duke Dumont recognising me as his #1 fan on Twitter. Despite all the electronic-hype I’ve found myself listening to early 2000’s acousta-pop and funnily enough, it became relevant this week.

1. Jennifer Paige – Crush

I debated between the original and the ‘Jai Paul’ cover. Considering the mess that has become Jai Paul’s album (or an excellent marketing ploy… who knows, where’s the statement?!) and the fact that I spend 80% of my day listening to Jennifer Paige I decided this was more appropriate.

2. Omar S – Rewind

Stop producing music, because chances are it’ll never compare to the new Omar S album, titled beautifully Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself. Rewind had me hooked from the first 3 seconds. Its swanky beat coupled with that vocal is a sure winner. Kill me for saying this, but you’ll be pressing rewind.

3. Telefon Tel Aviv – You Are The Worst Thing In The World (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)

A song that truly epitomises timelessness. Telefon Tel Aviv are responsible for what is truly some of the best electronic music I’ve ever heard and was lucky enough to hear at the beginnings of my journey into EDM. Sasha is a god amongst men. It speaks for itself really.

4. Daft Punk – Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams

I don’t cry tears of joy. I didn’t cry tears of joy when I saw this but oh my dear god I was close. A jamming Nile Rogers, a suave Pharrell and my favourite robots in their shiny new helmets… it’s almost too much. I’ll probably cry when I hear the album. Actually I think I’m about to cry right now.

5. Sharam Jey & Kolombo – Like The Way 

I stumbled across a really cool live mix by Oliver Koletzki on Soundcloud this week. Comparable to a smooth velvety brie cheese, the mixing was only surpassed by the incredible tracklist. Thanks for this one Oli, I owe you a dance.

6. Oliver Koletzki – Hypnotized

I occasionally come back to this track and naturally, listening to his live mix reminded me of this masterpiece. This is one of those songs that will forever be etched into my memory despite the brain cells, amount of serotonin and dignity I sacrifice to the rave gods each weekend.

7. Zanzibar Chanel – Big Bone Bitch

Zanzibar Chanel are just one of those bands that (surely) appeal to everyone. Incredible sass, incredible beats and overall an incredible message.. oh and an incredible image and an incredible EP. Make sure you get your hands on their Outback Jack Tracks EP.

8. Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There

How am I going to justify this being on Stoney? I don’t need to. It’s perfect.

9. Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Rhye’s album is beautiful. If you’ve heard the original you’d understand that it’s a near impossibility to not ruin the song but of course, that’s what professionals are for. Hey Ryan, you’re cool. I like you and your remixes.

10. Orbital – Halycon and on and on

And on and on. I do this thing when I’m listening to music in my room on my own where I can’t help but dance. I call it ‘bedroom raving’ and I’ve made a Spotify playlist for when I get a craving to rave a little. Here it is if you want to join me. This particular Orbital track is my fave to rave to.


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