Daft Punk finish shooting full music video for ‘Get Lucky’

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Daft Punk finish shooting full music video for ‘Get Lucky’

Although we have seen snippets of the music video, Nile Rodgers has confirmed that the 2 android, Pharrell Williams and himself have finished filming the full version of the single for ‘Get Lucky’ last month.

The video is rumoured to have taken place at the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles (owned by James Goldstein, NBA superfan and architecture buff) which is a lavish residence featured in movies including The Big Lebowski, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and French Exit.

(Photo – In LA with DJ Falcon posted by DJ Falcon on Facebook today 30/4/2013)

Daft Punk in LA with DJ Falcon

In Nile’s most recent interview with The Guardian, he quoted certain moments that happened during the video shoot and various interactions with the dancers –

“Somebody called out, ‘Wow, what kind of music is that?’” Rodgers recalls. “I didn’t hesitate, I said, ‘disco!’ And they all screamed back, ‘Yeah!’. It was like they’d found something mythical that they’d heard about but didn’t know. There was an organic connection between the kids and the music. At the end they were literally weeping. I’ve seen those moments. I’ve been that guy – and it was for real.”

It sounds like the video is a lot more elaborate than the previews we have been seeing on SNL and at Coachella involving a black back drop and 80’s style band set up.


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