Daft Punk Album Launch Tickets Hit Ebay

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Daft Punk Album Launch Tickets Hit Ebay

Daft Punk Ebay

Tickets for Daft Punks ‘Random Access Memories’ album premier in the rural town of Wee Waa in northern New South Wales, Australia have sold out in lightening speed!

Already a handful of the 4000 allocated tickets to the (over)hyped event are up on popular auction site Ebay with sky-rocketing asking prices ranging from $250 to $7,499 for a lot of 10 (that’s $749 a piece!).

As much as we’re excited for the eventual release of the new album from the Frenchborn Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter we can’t imagine why anyone would travel copious amounts of hours to hang out with greedy label executives just to hear the record for the first time.

It’s been said from the start Daft Punk will NOT be at the launch and more likely to turn up at the London event scheduled for later in the week.

The latest Daft Punk buzz comes in the form of part 3 of The Creators Project series with main collaborator Nile Rogers in the firing line offering up an insight in disco and generally coming across as the coolest cat on the planet!

Hang out to the last minute to see some seriously slick transparent gear most likely at the helm of Daft Punk.


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