Alan Braxe Drops Moments In Time EP On Scion A/V

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Alan Braxe Drops Moments In Time EP On Scion A/V

Alan Braxe has finally released his highly anticipated Moments In Time EP and it’s a blissed out synth-laden romp. While Braxe has been toiling about the remix circuit, The EP contains some very long-awaited original material from the Vulture boss, and he’s clearly still got the touch. The rather mysterious Spimes feature on two of the tracks, and the stand out, “Palladium”-esque track is the very ethereal “Voices.”

The accompanying remixes are just totally mental, rostering Lifelike, Gigamesh, Memory Tapes, and DJ Falcon. Ironically, two of the stand out efforts come from Chateaubriand (dreamy) and Le Crayon (funky). Alan’s clearly aware of the times, as you can download the entire album for free right here, but if you’re for some reason hesitant, you can also preview and stream the entire EP:


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