Ultra Music Festival reveals official ‘Anthem’ of the festival

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Ultra Music Festival reveals official ‘Anthem’ of the festival

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival has revealed and ‘official song’ and it has been produced by none other than big man Afrojack.

Though the Dutch producer has just released a tune with Chris Brown, his tunes are often-times surprising… in a good way. The track in question is a super electro, distorted glitch, ‘Air Guitar‘ number.

This one seems out of character for UMF, a far fetch from previous commercial anthems produced by the likes of Avicii and the three Swedes aka Swedish House Mafia. Known for an original sound he took to the festival main stage, Afrojack has his it big without the joking backlash of some of progressive giant. With more than a few hit singles under his belt, the fairly young producer has a lot of game left to play. We never really know what next from his bag of tricks.


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