Fake shooter causes Ultra Music Festival scare

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Fake shooter causes Ultra Music Festival scare

With the public still on edge since the Las Vegas shooting last year, one schmuck has caused a major scare after posing with a large rifle captioned “Ready for the weekend” also picturing a silenced pistol on the coffee table. The man in the photo, Rayne Russell, was quickly suspected of targeting the crowd at Ultra Music Festival and was immediately tracked down by the City of Miami Police on the last day of the festival.

As it turns out, Russell was on holiday from Jamaica with the weapons borrowed from family. After being questioned by the police, Russell was released after it was revealed by authorities that he posed no threat to the public. Ray Martinez, the head of Ultra Music’s security spoke on the issue saying “We were monitoring all the social media sites, and we saw a post that this individual had posted… Really? Right after the Vegas incident happened? We met together with the Miami Police Department and started our planning right from that moment and looked at the lessons learned — what you can learn from those incidences. I’m very confident that between Miami Police Department and FBI they were able to determine that it was not a credible threat.”

Following past incidents involving shooters at large music events, Ultra Music had amped up the security to avoid any future attacks.

See the image below. Not what you want to see in the lead up to an event…

(Source: Mixmag)


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