10 Other Australian Producers That Aren’t Flume

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10 Other Australian Producers That Aren’t Flume

Holly Friedlander writes sporadically at her blog East to West about all things Australian, independent and electronic.

When first asked to write this article, I wrote a few hundred snarky words about Flume and his constant face in the limelight. I decided not to rattle on in pessimism, but rather to point out where the Flume-spotlight has missed an even greater target.

The spotlight in question is this: Flume makes music that can sell. Lots of people buy it. He has a team of backers selling his dance-party and alt-EDM wares to the masses, but that does not, in any way shape or form make him “the future” (inthemix). Nor “has he made himself known as one of the most talented producers in the Australian music scene” (Tone Deaf), he has just made himself known. Flume is a product. An extremely well marketed one, but that does not make him ‘the future’ of anything, except perhaps the life of his label(s).

There is a strong, honest, and industrious group of hardworking producers in Australia who have been making innovative waves in the national ‘scene’ and are in need of some hype of there own. Producers like Flume are only one small contingent of an even greater population. A population dead-set focused on being ground breaking and revolutionary. Here are but a few:


milkwood (w panorama) by galapagoose

Probably the top of the list for a whole host of reasons, Galapagoose out of Melbourne has a live show that is unparalleled. He is a monome-wielding-bandit that knows no bounds. Just after dropping his first full-length album Commitments earlier this year, he ran off to LA to play at Low End Theory. Nuff said.

Andras Fox

Andras Fox – Your Life by Andras Fox

One of Galapagoose’s homegrown label-mates at This Thing Andras Fox is known for his glitchy and beat inspired house music. ‘Your Life’ is out now on Juno, and is two organic and soothing nighttime jams.

Lindsay Tuc

Changedinhouse by LindsayTuc*

Ahh Tuc, how I’ve raved and raved and raved on about you. This Melbournite is the most underrated house producer in Australia at the moment. He utilises a huge array of household objects in his instrumentals, inducing an organic nature in his elusive tunes. He also cuts his own wares straight to vinyl (like he’s done for Andras Fox), so you can pick up his swag as part of super limited edition runs.


Big Cats by O U T E R W A V E S

Outerwaves out of Brisbane has a 7” Split (with Rainbow Chan) that was cut by Lindsay Tuc in Melbourne. With no lengthy releases yet to his name, Outerwaves is free to play with form and direction, his past couple of tracks sporting sexy and synthy bass lines.



Melbourne’s Wooshie performed alongside Outerwaves at his launch. Also part of the formidable This Thing crew, he produces fuzzy beats that invigorate your limbs and loosen your knickers before you’ve even stepped onto the dance floor.


Kassett by Nakagin

Wooshie also played at Nakagin’s launch, for his 12” Split with neu-r’n’b God Guerre. Japanese inspired, there are very subtle oriental undertones in his work. Nakagin’s tracks are soft and refreshing, but get the bass and audacity kicked into them live.

True North

Black Tortoise by True North

True North and Nakagin are label-mates on new Sydney label The Finer Things. True North’s digital release with them was ethereality mixed with bass, the lighter sounds of chimes always perfectly balanced with the darker kicks and speeds of his tunes.


Oisima – Melting Paraiso by Oisima

True North and Oisima teamed up on a track a little while ago called: Keeping the Breath in Mind. The exotic rhythms in the track are like what Adelaide’s Oisima likes to employ in his solo stuff, as he ricochets between producing more beat-based stuff and more extended, jazz-orientated tunes. Pick up his brand new Goddess EP here.


08 Ocean Tides by Kyson

Kyson and Oisima are also known for their collabs, like their tune Beautiful Hangover. Kyson has one already fantastic release out on Moodgadget, his latest EP Blackstone set for release in the coming few days. Spaced-out chords reverberate in most of his work; vocal samples a subtle accompaniment to crashing waves of ethereality.


Thrupence – Synchronous Bloom by Thrupence

Thrupence out of Melbourne is known for his tantalising beat-tapes, like Kyson, and dynamic approach to constructing sound-scapes. His tunes are organic and energetic, his aural aesthetic tying in perfectly with his own visual designs.

What exactly is the thing that is making these producers so talented? It is the connections in the community, between artists, label-mates, and fans. They are positive, creative, energetic, and inspiring. They are educational, and through their ties, they are producing the future of electronic music in Australia.

Holly Friedlander writes sporadically at her blog East to West about all things Australian, independent and electronic.


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