Myspace unveils sleek new platform!

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Myspace unveils sleek new platform!

Myspace have broken silence on the reported relaunch of the once popular social network with a hero video running over features of the new platform.

From the start we can see a completely redesigned look that allows both Facebook and Twitter integration – which has for a long time been a hurdle for the be-leagued network.

It should be noted that Justin Timberlake recently invested close to $30 million into Myspace and probably explains his coverage in the video.

The four main components on the left under your display picture look to be;

  • Profile
  • Latest
  • Mixes
  • Connections
  • Photos

Users can choose to upload site skins from their personal photos for the base homepage. To scan over your ‘wall’ it looks to be a side scrolling navigation. What looks like status updates can be seen with ‘connects’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’. Geo-targeting is also involved showing when and where photo albums were taken.

There is also a player at the bottom to play whatever, whenever, all the time.


This could either be a selection of your own browsed or pushed music on the new Myspace.


Another interesting feature is ‘mixes’, shown on the left under the display picture, this looks to be the ability to stitch together tracks to create your own mixes, something Soundcloud has recently been working on – although with the added imagery (your own).

Once you drill down within mixes your met with a nicely detailed page with the track listing and accompanied imagery.


This is your personal and social side of things, you can browse friends or look at your own wall that these people within your group can post comments, upload photos or share music.

It looks to have a similar breakdown as Facebook with the ability to check ‘messages’ and ‘notifications’ although there is another options for ‘spaces’ and ‘music’. These could represent your own personal wall and music collection.

From here you can ‘discover’ or find ‘trending’ music, most likely curated by Myspace. There is also the ability to look at events, probably with your favourite musicians.

A really interesting prospect is ‘Insights’ that lets you view where music is trending on a global map as well as demographics and gender breakdowns. This is the part of the analytics that was first talked about in the early development of the new Myspace and is a valuable and possibly free tool that many companies charge for these days.

This could be limited to what your friends are listening to but still interesting all the same.


These seem self explanatory, upload photos and connect a song or track.

Overall, at a time when Facebook is becoming less and less personal and more and more crowded, a musical and social platform like this may be the next step in how people interact, ask yourself, how many of your friends are ‘musical friends’?.

This will be a rather interesting development to watch… will David Croft be the new ‘Tom’?


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