New Myspace Accused of Stealing Music

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New Myspace Accused of Stealing Music

After only just returning to the online world with their updated platform Myspace has already hit legal issues regarding music featured on the site.

The new myspace drew a very substantial 26 million US users on it’s launch day and has a supposed 27 million song music library to go with it, but even so Justin Timberlake and investor group Specific Media might still be sweating over allegations that some of the music maybe be being used without correct permissions.

According to, Merlin a british agency that own multiple record labels who of which represent artist such as Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, are arguing that their digital licensing deal with Myspace terminated over a year ago, however is still being used to play music on the site.

What we’ve taken issue with is the service launched without a license from us, yet with our music all over the service.”, “It’s launching with hundreds of tracks and offering them free, on demand to consumers without the permission of the people who own the material, and certainly without remunerating them for it.” –  Merlin CEO Charles Caldas

In Myspace’s defence a spokes women told The New York Times that they chose not to renew the contract with Merlin and that any unauthorised content “were likely uploaded by users”.

With many sites getting away with very similar circumstances like Youtube it’s a little surprising to see this drawing so much attention. Although when you gather over 26 million users on a single day and boast about a ridiculously large music library it does merit the attention.

Thoughts? Is it worth Merlin following this up? or just give up, people can find tracks anywhere to stream?



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