HOLY SHIP!! Releases Mixtape #1 by The Knocks

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HOLY SHIP!! Releases Mixtape #1 by The Knocks

HARD has released the first edition of their HOLY SHIP!! mixtape series by The Knocks and it is a GOLDEN collection of tracks exclusively from artists on the 2013 rave cruise lineup.

The Knocks are NYC duo Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “Jpatt” Patterson, and they’ve created a superb first installment to set the mix tape series off running, featuring new favorites like Boys Noize’s “What You Want”, classics like Claude VonStroke’s “Who’s Afraid of Detroit”, their own collab with Fred Falke “Geronimo”, and of course the opening track from HOLY SHIP!’s epic 2012 trailer, Destructo’s “LA Funky” with Oliver.

Annual festivals and events like HOLY SHIP tend to operate like blockbuster movies – the first is amazing, so the sequel has to be twice as amazing. It’s hard to imagine that this wouldn’t hold true for part 2 of the revolutionary party at sea, although we really hope there’s no sanfus like that little sandbar incident last year! They’ll have to remind the captain not to party too hard…


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