Daft Punk all the talk as Nile Rodgers Hypes Collaboration!

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Daft Punk all the talk as Nile Rodgers Hypes Collaboration!

Rumors continue to circulate about an upcoming album release from the ever-elusive French duo Daft Punk. Aside from the Tron Legacy soundtrack, it’s been 7 years since their last studio album, but Mixmag recently interviewed Nile Rodgers about his collaboration with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter and he dropped a few delicious details about the project.

American musician, composer, arranger, and guitarist, Rodgers is considered one of the most influential music producers in the history of popular music, and he spoke passionately about his powerful creative connection with DP, saying that they vibed artistically as well as spiritually.

We’re still waiting for the mysterious first track off the album, “Renoma Street” which was supposedly going to  be released last month, but of course we all know however long we have to wait, it will be so worth it. Rodgers hinted at the magnitude of these legendary icons’ much anticipated album, saying: “It’s going to be so cutting edge that people aren’t going to expect what they’re doing.”

So all we can say is, expect the unexpected, and listen to the Mixmag interview with Nile Rodgers below:

Source: Mixmag


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