What happened to bangors?

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What happened to bangors?

We got caught up having a laugh at a post over at Too Many Sebastians titled ‘What Happened?’, which Ab gave us permission to repost.

Now we had to change the title a little to give it a bit more context but a candid read all the same and hits home an article we published at the tail end of last year, ‘What happened to electro?’ enjoy!

All words from Ab @ Too Many Sebastians

Samuel B sent us email, he writes:

What happened to this site man? You guys used to post banger after banger, both melodic and harmonic and I could consistently rely on your page for some amazing, breathtaking, innovative tracks. Remember the days when you posted Croquemonsieur and his jams Tiger and Wild Cat? Those were the days, now it seems like you guys are trapped in a crappy disco club from the 70′s or something. I hope the old too many sebastians comes back, best of luck guys.

Well Samuel, good call on Tiger and Wild Cat being great tracks.

The reason why we don’t post ‘banger after banger’ these days is because there really aren’t that many producers making good ones (sry bangerbros) in ‘the olden days’ the bangingness of a track was a bit like a decoration to an actual piece of music. Sometimes these decorations could be quite impressive but somewhere in the background there was usually a track to be heard or at the very least, a pretty good idea. The modern day ‘banger’ seems to focus too much on the decoration, the kids on youtube call it ‘sickkkkkkkk production’ and whilst I’m not a producer I think it’s not actually that good ‘production’, just some people cobbling together sample libraries.

Example of an ‘olden days banger’

Arcade Robot by Boys Noize

2nd Example of ‘olden days banger’

Teenage Bad Girl – “Cocotte” by Citizen Records

Example of Example…. still no proper explanation for his existence.

That’s not to say we haven’t posted any bangers this year, there have been small signs of a resurgence. Club Cheval’s “Now You Realise“, Alex Metric’s “Rave Weapon“, Modeselektor’s “Evil Twin“, Shadow Dancer’s “Second City“, Squarepusher’s “Dark Steering“ and Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers’ “Singapore Madness“ are all quite banging and don’t sound like they were made in a couple of days on a trial copy of Fruity Loops. We hope that these type of tracks inspire the younger generation to make something a bit better and then hopefully, we can maybe start posting some bangers on a regular basis again.

Thanks for the email and we agree about posting too much disco at the start of the year. Although, it would be quite funny to visit a disco club in the 70′s because of the moustaches.

Too Many Sebastians

So the question is… do bangOrs exist anymore??


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