Bromance #3 – Club Cheval X Brodinski

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Bromance #3 – Club Cheval X Brodinski

Bromance Records is slowly but surely making it’s mark, breaking away from being just a cute side project of Brodinksi’s and Manu Barron’s ensuring excellent releases and enviable parties cementing it as the real deal. Bromance #3 is just what you would expect then, with banging tracks from both Club Cheval and Brods.

Club Cheval is CanblasterSam Tiba, Panteros666 & Myd all of whom are great producers but have come together on this project and have created a sound that is cohesive, danceable and oh so good. Now You Realize is quite novel, in it being a mixture of sounds that are somewhat trancey, electronic and techno. It throws you into a space that feels very 90s however it is familiar rather than vulgar and it’s all delivered with a great beat.

Brodinski’s contribution Nobody Rules The Streets features only the steamiest vocalist, Louisahhh!!! which brings this technoms to the next level. It’s a definite floor killer/filler and has me wishing it was Friday night already. For added fun, play this in your car with a stoned/paranoid friend and watch them totally freak out about you being followed by the police (yes there are sirens in this track).

It’s all pretty solid stuff and you can get your hands on it June 11


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