Soundcloud announces new platform

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Soundcloud announces new platform

Ever since Soundcloud’s inception in 2007, the web based music tool has been challenging other major website, such as Myspace, to become the hottest product for musician and producers alike!

While we have seen Myspace change its platform time and time again, Soundcloud has been the polar opposite in the fact it has does one thing from the beginning – help get a producers music out to the masses.

The Soundcloud team have just announced that they are rolling out a beta version of the service to a limited number of users. Dubbed ‘Next’, the new interface list range from:

– upgraded waveforms (they seem to notice the problem that we have nicely elaborated),
– real time feed notifications, track reposting,
– and set building which is their own way of combining songs together into one waveform, much like a DJ set.
– Last but not least it also claims to have improved the search functionality, of which the current one is indeed too simplistic for the site that has large amount of content.

In review, looking at the feature set, it’s good that Soundcloud are aiming to improve upon the already established feature set that is core to the service, instead of trying to mess around too much with it. Frankly, we’re tired of companies that try to add too much that it kills the original charm their service once had.

The one thing that may concern us is they have placed greater emphasis on liking or commenting on tracks. This is already a feature spammed by other musician trying to get their track heard…

If you’re inclined to get a sneak-peek, try your luck and hopefully you’ll get access in no time.


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