Goldfrapp – Rocket (Grum Remix)

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Goldfrapp – Rocket (Grum Remix)

I am always into Grum’s bold sound. Retro-sounding synths, gated snare and toms ala Phill Collins beefed-up with the use of compression and other modern production techniques. Grum’s remix of Rocket sounds like most of his other works: a slightly over the top melodic disco tune, and a damn catchy one at that. Granted, he is probably one of the few artist who could actually pull this kind of thing off without being cheesy (with other names that pops in mind being Electric Youth or Miami Nights 1984).

Personally I think this particular track holds the top position amongst his other work. I mean, he just nailed it on this one; it’s as if the lyrics and vocals itself are asking for some retro-disco treatment, one that’s not ashamed of actually being retro. If picking the right tune that match your production style is half of the work of crafting a perfect remix, then Grum would definitely get a full point from me.

Oh, and do check the originals. It is not by any means less awesome than this one, though Grum’s remix still holds the top spot for me.


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