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Today marks the release date for Destructo‘s first E.P. with Boys Noize’s BNR Trax. The Los Angeles local has been a driving force in the rise of electronic music both on and off the decks. With him behind the wheel, Hard events has risen to the top of the United States party circuit by creating wild experiences with the worlds biggest name Djs.

Recently he has teamed up with the disco duo Oliver the bring us a smashing new E.P. around the title track ‘Technology’. The contents feature deep house bass, techno┬áinfluence, and even a hint of disco. With his sound in production coming together nicely, we are sure to see some great work from Destructo in the future.

During WMC we were able to sit down quickly with him before he killed Grand Central with Boys Noize, Brodinski, and Gessaffelestein among others at Hard Miami Day 2. He hinted of recently being able to start building up his production arsenal. Keep a look out for hit tracks from Destructo in the future.

Take a few minutes to watch the highlight, then stop by Beatport and pick up a copy of the release!


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