Scuba – Personality

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Scuba – Personality


“We’re all unique…or are we?” In the opening track of Scuba’s recent album release, Personality, he begins with this line and speaks to the ravenous hunger for individuality among the countless emerging electronic producers and Djs worldwide. With so much music exploding into the universe at every moment, it can be tough to find quality among the quantity. But Scuba has continued to thrive amid the boom, and Personality, the 3rd album he’s released on his Hotflush label, crosses in and out of many genres with artful, seamless cohesion. Dark, dubby atmospheric melodies in tracks like “Cognitive Dissonance” and “Tulips” complement pounding, bass-laden tunes like “The Hope” and “Action.” His use of lyrics throughout drives the melodies with a visceral force, creating a kinetic as well as emotional reaction within the listener. Voted #25 in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs of 2011, Scuba continues to uplevel in 2012, straddling genres and unlocking the boundless creativity of his unique sound.



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