Sensation plans a trip across the Atlantic

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Sensation plans a trip across the Atlantic

Word is spreading like wildfire about the impending euphoria Amsterdam’s Sensation event will bring to America in 2012, but the big question is WHEN?

Famous for their extravagantly themed parties with the “Be part of the night, unite in white” slogan/dress code, organizers ID&T have made Sensation the world’s premier dance event by creating an absolutely mind-blowing experience that far outweighs any other nightclub or massive. Their celestial productions have been filling stadiums and arenas in dozens of countries for the past twelve years, giving thousands of rave enthusiasts a chance to experience the magnitude of an IDMA nominated festival, minus the usual dirt and grime of the less “sensational” festies many of us have grown to love.

The highly anticipated Sensation America dates are yet to be released, but the details should be forthcoming in March. With many of their European summer dates already announced, it is only a matter of time before the previously Euro-exclusive extravaganza is unleashed upon America’s home turf.

A tweet from the event last week confirmed the dates would come soon, but WHERE is the question that’s really got us on the edge of our seats. Vegas, NYC, Los Angeles, and Miami are some of the obvious contenders for the party’s US inaugural blast-off, but for now, ravers across America can only wait and hope it’s in a city near them, because this is definitely not the event to miss, and undoubtedly marks a groundbreaking moment in US house music history.


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