Brit Awards: Stanton Warriors hilarious tell all

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Brit Awards: Stanton Warriors hilarious tell all

UK breakbeats duo Stanton Warriors have hit a universal funny bone on Facebook with their take on the Brit Awards. In their latest funny rant they spoke of fashion faux pas, speeches being cut short and a super “high” celebrity

“Wasn’t very impressed with the Brit Awards last night. Not only was Adele cut short by James Corden (who was a rubbish host anyway) she also had Sid Owen sat at her table which just seems wrong somehow. One Direction should had been at home in bed and Coldplay had stupid painted jackets on in an effort to look like they have edgy personality – which they don’t. Best bit was a stoned George Michael.”

Adele flicks off the “suits”

Respect just tripled 

A glimpse of the “painted pants” (did Chris double dump?)


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