Coldplay and Avicii seriously underwhelm with new track

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Coldplay and Avicii seriously underwhelm with new track


We’ve seen some pretty exciting things emerging from the new Coldplay album, set for release May 19th. Some sweet remixes of their ‘Midnight’ single (such as Giorgio Moroder’s effort) have got us thinking that this could be a stellar album. The latest single, ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, produced by Avicii, is not one of those indicators.

Hitting the internet today –  we are seriously underwhelmed with the track. We can appreciate each artist in their own right (OK, it’s a struggle with Avicii, but we kind of get it…), but at first listen the track came across as…completely boring.

Essentially, it’s a mashup of the work from both entities. You’ve got Chris Martin’s lyrics and some ok backing from the rest of the band, before being hit with the yawn-inducing electro snaps we’ve heard time and time again from Avicii.

It’s a mediocre-at-best offering from both and seems like your pretty general reach-out to schmuck commercial audiences worldwide.

Question is, are you satisfied with the track, ARE YA?

Listen below.


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