Is Soundcloud the new Myspace?

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Is Soundcloud the new Myspace?

Do you remember Myspace? Probably not but in the later stages of life it became a fairly squalid place filled with glittering graphics, terrible layouts and most notable totally irrelevant self-promotion and slippery ‘marketing techniques’ (if you somehow call quasi rappers embedding auto-players marketing geni’s).

Now it’s no where near that stage yet but seemingly Soundcloud is becoming – for all it’s merits, an equally ineffective form of music criticism..

Initially the Swedish/German ‘audio online distribution’ streaming player gave users and listeners a well thought-out and cleanly designed base. You could store your track/s privately, stream the thing, share them with desired listeners, use it to promote yourself to labels clearly and offer useful feedback to your favourite undiscovered producer or international heavyweight.

Now having just clocked over 10,000,000 users (note: that’s a shit-ton of people), it’s common to see a once visually cool waveform become a clusterfuck of useless comments dropping everything from ‘cool’ to ‘blogged’.

I get your trying to leverage your online ‘marketing techniques’ and ‘social strategies’ to gain that one extra follower on your own Soundcloud or reach for just one more pageview for your blog but ITS FUCKING ANNOYING.

Do you see any reputable music sites, blogs or producers clammering over each other to squeeze that one extra ‘mad tunes bro’ or ‘check out my mashup of terrible commercial song over another equally cheesy terrible song’into the waveform? The answer is easy…. no.

Do you know what they are doing properly? They’re writing about quality music, they’re producing quality music, they’re following and leading trends and generally being clever people.

At the end of the day if you create a good thing people will notice, it won’t happen overnight unless your a Madeon or Porter Robinson but one day you’ll realise hard work does pay off.

So here’s a little call out to anyone and everyone using Soundcloud, please, PLEASE, disable commenting. Let’s not see something so beautiful, something so clever, turn into another pile of molten crap. 

Fellow dance blog Remix86 hit us back with a response pointing out the finer details of the whole ‘blogged’ sitch, a good read!


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