Boys Noize

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Boys Noize

It’s not everyday you get to extract some undoubtedly revered wisdom from a pioneer of modern Dance – The name Boys Noize alone strikes even the casual listener as someone rather critical in todays music world.

In this cleverly run interview we delve deeper past the small-talk and find out about the Boys Noize brand, how to pick good originals to remix, thoughts on Dubstep and his new boy band with Mr Oizo.

Are you and XBox360 or a Playstation kind of guy?

Neither these, the only game i play is Mario Kart in Nintendo wii ! And honestly you cant beat me, i think i played it over 1 million times haha

The BNR stable has a very strong visual brand, often replicated – never matched. For those who might now be aware of him, how did the ongoing collaboration with Paul Snowden come about?

This punk was always doing some real underground art and a friend of mine introduced me to him in 2004 when I was looking for someone who can work on the idea i had for my new label I was about to start. His style and my ideas were matching right away and ever since he s my man and we re really good friends too.

Will we ever see at return of the Puzique project? I liked it 🙁

Never say never 😉

We got you on dial because of your upcoming Boys Noize REMIXES album. What strikes me about this remix pack is the diverse range of artists you’ve taken on over the years. You’d surely receive hundreds of remix requests a year, what do you look for in a track when considering it for a re-rub/mix/mash/edit?

It s got to be something I think is cool. rule no.1 was to never put my name next to something which I don’t really like. it s kind of a luxury as well but it was the most important. 2nd thing is that i did a lot of remixes for good friends too.

They ask you directly and then you do a swap or something like i did with Justice, Modeselektor, Apparat or Chemical Brothers. But yeah most important is that I do have to like something about the artist or song.

90% of people reading this are probably bedroom producers – what’s your best pro-tip for kids starting out making beats?

Good question, well i think it s really about finding your own sound. nobody needs another producer who copies the latest house or techno 12″..just do your thing and do not think about pleasing other people or producer because this is most tricky, you can NEVER please everybody!

Sure, we’re responsible for Yolanda Be Cool, but there’s actually some good music generated in Australia too. Any Australian producers at the moment on your radar?

The bang gang guys have def some good releases that I play out. also i m a fan of Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernuts.

Is Dubstep in it’s current form REALLY that bad? (Note: I think it is)

Well, there is some good stuff but like in other music it got very repetitive and people are just copying each other and in dubstep it became kind of ridiculous.

It has nothing to do with the dubstep that started in UK couple years ago. in the UK they’ve moved on already and there is some really amazing fresh stuff but i wouldn’t call it dubstep.

What’s on the horizon for BNR and BNR Trax that you’re really excited about?

Oh there are some amazing releases coming out. next is my new boyband I’m doing with my hero Mr.Oizo. it s called Handbrakes and we ve got 4 tracks ready to release in January. I’ve just signed a couple young kids like SCNTST, Audionite and BS1 and Strip Steve is working on his debut album which sounds amazing. also there will be a new BN & Erol Alkan 12″ soon and some more surprises.

AND – I asked Facebook to contribute a question and here’s what I got. I’m sorry:

There’s a Pork Chipotle Burrito, a Chicken Karaage Don and a Double Quater Pounder with Bacon about to be swept away by a tidal wave and one of your hands was eaten by a shark. Which mouthwatering meal do you save?

The Burrito

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