Facebook Regime Forces Users To ‘Like’ Their Official Music Page

Posted by wow on December 9, 2013 | Tags:

facebook music

‘THERE WILL BE NO DEMOCRACY OR FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!!’ – The quietly autocratic Dear Leader Mark Zuckerberg has subtly used his power to force a shit load of Facebook accounts to ‘Like’ the official Facebook Music page if ‘music’ was already listed as an interest.

Like a dictatorship in the night, the founder of the social media monster populated the page to over twice the size of Australia with 44 million people rather unusually and suddenly becoming fans. I guess when you are Facebook, you don’t have to buy your fans like some dance producers have in the past!


With the next step in place rumoured to be Miley Cyrus being elected as supreme commander of the official music Facebook page, we may be doomed for what we are going to encounter next. Rumoured to be holding weapons of ass destruction, the regime shows no mercy as they twerk their people to the floor. The only thing that can stop this forced ‘like’ policy is the loud booty clap of the ‘unlike button’. If you have been ass(ked) to like this, un-liking may be something you want to consider.

Most likely Facebook look to re-enter the music game be it upping their once popular ‘listening to’ widget or now have the power to offer bands a huge audience to dangle exclusives or premieres in front of and continue building their empire.

Time will tell.


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