Popular Australian beer brand goes alcohol free

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Popular Australian beer brand goes alcohol free

We’re not kidding you, you’re now going to be able to buy a mainstream beer with no alcohol in it.

Yep, the boys down at the Carlton brewery have been in the labs brewing some kegs of beer that are meant to taste exactly how the widely available Carlton Draught do but minus any alcoholic content, thus saying goodbye to the hangover and risk of becoming a viral club punter.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FAIR) have come out saying “If adults turn to these products as a replacement for drinking alcohol, there is a benefit”. But on the other hand, we say, does a product that’s going to be available to anyone at supermarkets encourage punters under the age of 18 to get ready for sinking tinnies?

We thought we’d seen it all with the release of powdered alcohol but maybe this is a race against crazy British scientists who are getting ever closer to creating hangover free alcohol!


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