New Study Shows Beer Tastes Better With Music

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New Study Shows Beer Tastes Better With Music

Words by Blake Hull-Moody

Have you ever wondered why drinking tastes better while you are listening to music? To be honest, I haven’t.  But now that I think about it, it makes sense and this new study proves it.

Researchers from Belgium Oxford and the Netherlands have conducted a number of experiments that result in the findings that beer tasted better after listening to music.

This research takes into account all different variables, anything from alcohol content, willingness-to-pay ‘how much would they have been willing to pay for this beer, both, before and after having tasted it’ and knowledge of the editors of both the music and beer, it was found when the participant had better knowledge of either, the beer tasted better.

Then again this is know that good music, company and beer can always make a situation better. 

Check out an interview with the researches at International Business Times 



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