Could this machine be the future of drug testing?

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Could this machine be the future of drug testing?

In Australia, you’re likely to only be tested for drugs when driving a car or in a workplace, but for punters in Lincolnshire, England, it’s gone to another level.

Under a local police initiative, those coming through Circle Nightclub have been tested on entry for contact with drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. It’s the first venue in the area to take part, but the machines are planning to spread to other bars and clubs across the city in the new year.

“The machine reads the swabs and indicates if there has been any contact with illegal drugs. The machine is calibrated to test for a wide cross section of drugs widely in use. Those who tested positive were spoken to by the local officers and if the grounds were established, they would be searched under the misuse of drugs act.” said Licensing Sergeant, Kim Enderby.

According to Mixmag, it was a success, with all patrons happy to be tested. Could this become a reality in Australia?



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