There is no hiding the fact that Harley Streten - better known as Flume - has breached into the mainstream circle of the music world, and just days after revealing credits on Lorde's new album there have been some more collaborative updates.

Our mates over at Genius - the blog that digests and elaborates certain lyrics to songs - have delved into the writing credits of Vince Staples' forthcoming album 'Big Fish Theory' and can reveal that the track 'Yeah Right' is the concoction of Flume, Kendrick Lamar (credited as Kendrick Duckworth), SOPHIE and Kučka.

Not a small crew!

The news comes as no major shock as both Flume and Kučka are oft collaborators with the LA-rapper, however seeing Kendrick and Flume on the same song makes for some serious hype.

Staples' album drops June 23 via Def Jam Recordings. Do you think this song will go down in history?

Lets revisit their last collab below to hold us over.

(Via: Dancing Astronaut)

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