Spotify strikes deal to allow DJ mixes and unofficial remixes

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Spotify strikes deal to allow DJ mixes and unofficial remixes

Streaming giant Spotify have struck a deal with Dubset to allow DJ mixes and unofficial remixes.

The new deal will allow artists to upload any mixes, remixes and mashups they wish, with legal protection. Speaking on the deal, Spotify’s Stefan Blom says “Our number one job at Spotify is to deliver great music to fans whenever and wherever they want to listen to it.”

“This deal with Dubset enables us to serve fans of dance music with the mixes they crave while ensuring that artists, labels and publishers get paid fairly. It’s a great day for music fans all over the world.”

Similarly, Dubset CEO Stephen White says “This is a major milestone for DJs and music fans all over the world. Our technology platform makes it possible for us to identify and pay rights holders in DJ mixes, making this enormously popular music genre available on the world’s most popular streaming service for the very first time.”

The deal comes just weeks after it was confirmed Apple Music signed the dotted line with Dubset for a similar deal.

Do you think this will affect the Soundcloud community?



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