Burning Man Preps Its Trippiest Installation Yet
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Burning Man Preps Its Trippiest Installation Yet

Burning Man is known even more for it’s art than the music at times with the landscape constantly roamed by moving pieces of fire belching art cars and stand alone, experimental installations.

The latest mind melter we’ve heard of fits this years theme “The Carnival Of Mirrors” to a t with one ambitious designer Rob Moore finally getting the green light to build his ‘Large Hadron Kaleidoscope Ceiling’ post a successful Kickstarter.

His project looks to create a “mirrored chamber” people can lounge in with get this, an entire ceiling covered in 2,500 lights that’ll allow you to “lose yourself in a dazzling field of shifting LEDs.” – sounds like fun right?

Adding further to the fomo Rob told The Creators Project “They use prismatic diffraction grates that makes it so that when light comes in, it makes heart patterns. So any point of light that is in your field of vision, instead of just being a point, it will turn into a heart,”

Our guess is the thing is currently being built but the renders and even video make this thing look unbelievable and no doubt a must for burners when the festival kicks off August 30th alongside the biggest installation, a gutted and moving full-size 747.

Watch the render below with the BEST narration ever haha


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