Someone Baked The Least Chill Birthday Cake Ever
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Someone Baked The Least Chill Birthday Cake Ever

Award for ‘Subtle Birthday Cake of the Year’ would probably go to the unknown party animal Teresa who’s friends baked her a somewhat obvious slather of tasty goodness adorned with a weeks worth of fake party substances.

We usually wouldn’t bite at such a random event but with certain drugs becoming a health epidemic and others being pushed to be legalised and sold over the counter, illegal narcotics are currently a hot topic.

What starts out as a laugh gets a bit heavier with something at the top of the cake above the pile of pills, what looks to be a mound of cocaine and rolled $100 notes closely resembles that of a NSW drivers license with the name Teresa and date of birth (1994) indicating that she’s most likely just turned 21.

Too funny or too far?

source: Brown Cardigan

teresa birthday cake blurred

Update: The cakes are made by ‘Jennys Cakery’ which seems to have made a whole heap of the MA15+ treats, HA.

jennys cakery 4 jennys cakery 3 jennys cakery 2 jennys cakery


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