Dan Bilzerian Banned For Life From Miami Nightclub
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Dan Bilzerian Banned For Life From Miami Nightclub

Dan Bilzerian is known for a lot of things, his over the top lifestyle, obsession with guns, outspoken social media and his somewhat subjective nature to women which has landed the big guy with a lifetime ban from one of Miami’s biggest nightclubs.

He was at LIV Nightclub over the weekend celebrating his 34th birthday when, for some reason a swam of women tried to hop onto a podium with him which resulted in the big guy booting a girl in the face, yep… right in the kisser!

It was captured on social media of course and the shit storm is surely going to begin. The video is a little hard to make out but low and behold in the second half he lands a military boot to the face of some poor lady.

The incident follows a slip up earlier this year when he jokingly threw a nude playboy model, naked, off his roof and into a pool that resulted in the girl copping a broken foot.

It’s bad enough we’ve got some stinky headliners but even worse when obnoxious personalities hit the club as well. Can DJs and clubs take a stand on this bozo please?

Looks like cake guy Steve Aoki was on music duties.  Check out the video here and comment below.

This will probably make @danbilzerian more famous but I really don’t care. He got kicked out of a famous Miami nightclub last night for assaulting a woman. This idiot kicked a woman in the face like it was no big deal. It’s sad when you think you’re invincible to society. To all you #danbilzerian worshipers thanks for the support. It’s obvious Fake Equis is a Ravens fan. #RayRice — I heard the girl called the police and this American hero ran before the cops showed up. Classy right @steveaoki


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