Someone Made a ‘Sub-Genres of EDM’ Chart. How Does It Stack Up?

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Someone Made a ‘Sub-Genres of EDM’ Chart. How Does It Stack Up?

Sub Genres of EDM

Sub-genres of EDM huh, there must be a ton of them… we’d you’d be right as  author ‘McGill’ visually interpreted in a family tree mock-up as part of a collage assignment. Although the disclaimer loudly states that the ‘chart is based on the authors interpretation and is NOT an exhaustive list’ we’d still say he went close to building a solid visual foundation of electronic dance music, not ‘EDM’ as directed at the top of it all.

The key sounds are all represented with ‘parent’ genres – Breakbeat, Trance, House, Jungle, Techno, Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Dub, Downtempo  and UK Garage. We’re a little unsure of Downtempo but can agree that the rest fit the scene ie on-point with minimal flowing on from techno, tech-house from house, progressive trance from trance and so on.

Understandably the chart represents tier one if you will of the sub genres without diving down the rabbit hole of flute-step, trill-house, math-dance and all the rest but a fun place to start for those that need to brush up their homework a little on electronic dance music.

Without your glasses you might have to check out an enlarged version here for a closer look.


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