MTV Australia Makes Push With Two New Music Channels

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MTV Australia Makes Push With Two New Music Channels

Straight on the back of an announcement that MTV Australia are scaling down operations, the once-powerhouse music channel have announced the release of two new music channels for the Australian market.

It’s no secret that MTV has been in limbo of late, leaving a marketing and promotions team in their Sydney office to seemingly oversee the broadcasting of reality TV shows Teen Mom and Geordie Shore. Same goes for the new channels, which will continue to be operated from the head honchos in London, but broadcast direct to the homes of subscription televisions over Australia and NZ.

Aptly named MTV Music and MTV Dance, the channels will aim to refresh the offerings of MTV, unfathomably reinvesting into the ‘music’ part of ‘music television. MTV Music will encapsulate what MTV thinks is the current in pop, rock and ‘urban’ in the formats of chart shows and all that jazz. MTV Music will also continue their a new-artist promotion style thang, with the current artist being the young and eccentric Lorde.

MTV Dance will be a slightly different offering, a 24-hour channel dedicated to bringing you concentrated mainstream through the genres of RnB, hip-hop and dance (three genres which go together like an absolute charm). We imagine the fogies on the board at parent company Viacom were stoked to tap into the mentality of the youths. Be prepared for one Avicci and Daft Punk video after another, broken up by a bit of incongruous Jay-Z and Mackelmore, just for kicks.

The Senior Vice President and General Manager for MTV, Kerry Taylor sure thinks it’s going to be a hit stating,

‘MTV has a long and successful history in Australia and it remains a very important market for us internationally… In response to huge demand for dance music in Australia as well as around the globe, we’re excited to be introducing the first ever dedicated around the clock dance music channel down under’. 

Skeptical or not, you’ve got to give it to MTV. They ain’t going down without a fight.

[via themusicnetwork]


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