MTV Goes Old-School With New 90’s Themed Channel

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MTV Goes Old-School With New 90’s Themed Channel

MTV is going back to grass roots with the introduction of a new, 90s-themed channel.

It is no secret that over the past few years MTV has been moving away from the music driven channel it once was. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy watching the odd Catfish episode now and then, but the yearn for the taste-making musical mecca thais still there, especially for us older cats, and it looks like MTV has been listening.

The new channel – kicking off on August 1st – will revisist classic 90s and early 00’s shows such as Beavis & Butthead, Laguna Beach and Real World among others. Nostalgia vibes are at an all time high.

As well as the classic re-runs, the new channel will screen the “best of” MTV Unplugged, highlighting the return of episodes with Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Erykah Badu.

Sound good to you? Be ready to jump back in time come August 1st. For now, check the teaser video below.

Via Mixmag


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