Moderat – Groove DJ Mix #143 / CD 52
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Moderat – Groove DJ Mix #143 / CD 52

Popular German magazine Groove recently got the Moderat trio to record a DJ mix for them in the wake of their debut album II being released. Focussing heavily on lush electronica, minimal and techno, the Modeselektor apparatus sourced beats from the likes of Jon Hopkins – also off his latest record – Cosmin TRG and Atoms for Peace, as well as including the first single off their album Bad Kingdom. Check out the preview below and download it here.

1. Anstam – Shoulders
2. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
3. Patrice Bäumel – The Woods
4. Cosmin TRG – Defeated Hearts Club
5. Head High – Keep On Talking (Dirt Mix)
6. Truncate – Dial
7. Dark Sky – Hequon
8. Atoms For Peace – Other Side / Stuck Together Remix
9. Cloud Boat – Lions On The Beach
10. Moderat – Bad Kingdom


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