The unessential essentials to pack for Coachella 2013
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The unessential essentials to pack for Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013

Have you ever seen something and thought “That looks so necessary but at the same time so unnecessary, but I must have it!” Well here is our guide to the stuff that you need to purchase for Coachella festival that you don’t REALLY need, BUT far out! it looks cool so get it anyway.


Daft Punk Figurines

A little Japanese toy manufacturing company by the name of Tamashii Nations is making premium collectible line of Daft Punk figures. Featuring le Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in their signature uniforms and helmets, the collectible figures stand approximately 15 cm tall and feature precise articulation for all manner of poses. If you don’t have one of these in hand to rock out at the possible appearance of Daft Punk

Purchase here


FieldCandy Tent

This Spacious tent by FieldCandy will make you trip balls. Not only will you be in the middle of the desert, probably high on shrooms, why not make your tent aesthetically pleasing to your enhanced senses further at the end of a hard day dancing. Imagine the pick up lines too “Want to come get freaky in my galaxy tent”. SO necessary.

Purchase here


Novelty T-Shirt

The best way to be funny at a festival, is to be┬ácontemporary┬ásocial media current funny. An easy way to start a conversation is to have a conversation starter. Make friends easily through this t-shirt which will not only make you look witty but on the ball! Pre cursor – before you do buy this, watch a season of The Kardashians and make sure you know what public fuck ups Kanye has done lately.

Purchase here

blone male wig

Avicii Wig

Number one thing to remember is everyone who likes EDM, likes Swedish people and EDM is all the rage in the USA at the moment. So what colour hair do all Swedish people have? Blonde hair ya dingus! Make sure you get your Avicii all the way right through a wig. Not only will people flock to you for some drops, they’ll probably offer you some meatballs and Ikea furniture to make you feel more at home.

Purchase Here


Walkie Talkies

Shieeet everyone needs walkie talkies when they lose their mates right? But all the advanced version ones are going to be there and the different frequencies n shit will be clogged up because everyone will probably be on them. So if you are going to buy a walkie talkie, buy Toy Story ones. Not only are they pretty crap but they probably are on some crap frequency that no one else can hear. I don’t know much about walkie talkies but I do know a little bit about Toy Story!

Purchase Here


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