5 Future Tracks With Bondax
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5 Future Tracks With Bondax

Uk producers Bondax have sprung from the fields of Lancaster over recent months. With an explosion of this so called ‘post dubstep’, British vibez have been stuffing sets of the top Djs across all genres. Since America killed the Croydon-born genre with one four letter acronym, young producers are offering a refreshing break from wobbles in tones from the past.

We caught up with the young Djs/producers/label bosses to see what they are playing. Their recent release ‘Gold’ is making waves out on Justus / Relentless Records. Tracks like Gold are leading the movement by creeping their ways onto the main stage. We wanted to see what tracks the freshest producer’s out there think are even more crisp. Obviously we are pleasantly surprised with some of their picks. Have a listen.

In this ultra-fresh track, UK’s Bonobo made their list with this vocal chill tune. A cut from his new album available in April, this one is something to look forward to.

Another subtle love song here that erases the lines between indie electronic and pop ready tracks here.  ‘Open’ off of Rhye’s debut album paints a soft picture that any music fan can take a minute to slow down and enjoy.

Snakehip’s Hip Hop tune is a great beat from last year. Getting a bootleg of Bondax’s latest track, the London producer keeps it clean and old school with solid tracks all across the board.
And for number five we are going to have a bit of a scavenger hunt. Just like the Bondax boys, many of tomorrows big producers are hidden in basements and bedrooms located in the smallest towns. Their final pick comes from Welsh producer Wesley Matsell. This tune is known to appear in James Holden’s sets, but your gonna have to work to get your hands on it. Ready. Set. Go.

Wesley Matsell – No Orbit


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