Soulwaxmus: It’s the most wonderful time of the year
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Soulwaxmus: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Sure there are a lot of crappy Christmas parties out there. Usually these jolly gatherings consist of a major hangover in the morning and terrible gifts. Luckily the legends at Soulwax kicked off their seasonal fiesta last night in Manchester before heading to Paris and back to the Brixton Academy in London. This icon live group have been praised over the years for their much loved Radio Soulwax and smashing production.

To help bring the spirit will be London producer and European favorite Erol Alkan, Mike Simonetti of Italian’s do it better, Mixbell, and Kindness (Live). This massive blend of live and Dj sets promises to be the best gift you receive all year (even though you still have to pay for the tickets). Soulwax is one of those treats that isn’t experienced often so take it wen you can get it. UK, if you missed Manchester last night, make sure to be in Brixton next weekend. It’s the time of the season for Soulwaxmus.


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