Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)

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Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)

Not only has Chilean remixing virtuoso Barretso transformed this pop Indiesphere ballad into a hypnotizing electro anthem, he also managed to make Lana Del Rey’s collagenized lips and sultry voice even more smokin’ hot.

The original version is still a true classic, with Del Rey’s pristine vocals channeling the soul of Johnny Cash, but there’s just something magically necromantic about the remix. Simply put, Barretso said: “I had to.” And luckily there’s a download link – because you have to. With his debut album currently in progress, Barretso is sure to bring more mind-blowing productions and remixes like this one.

The original track’s extended video is also not to be missed. With Lana Del Rey portraying a misunderstood biker chick groupie down on her luck, the  mini-melodrama is rather nostalgic and cliché, as she delivers a hopelessly cheesy monologue for the first few minutes. But with her Monroesque sex appeal, Jackie-O swag and a fabulously killer set of pipes, Lana somehow makes it work. Although, when you listen to Barretso’s remix, it’s a lot easier to image her riding through the clouds on a glittery unicorn than on a chopper with an old, burley biker dude.


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