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Mumbai Science are Jonas Kiesekoms and Maarten Elen. Not only do they have really cool names but have just released a really good EP. ‘Unite‘ is spectacular and probably everything you wish you could produce. It’s rather hard to be jealous of these boys when they’re really just talented, FIFA playing, record making ravers who have PhDs. I sat down and had a chat with them about groupies, Alex Gopher and synths of course.

Congratulations on your new EP ‘Unite’. It’s making waves everywhere and I think will be one of the biggest releases of the year. What was the decision behind releasing a new remix of one of your older tracks ‘Lotus’?
: We’ve always been big fans of Alex Gopher. When we had the chance to have him remix one of our tracks we wanted to make the most of it, so we let him choose whichever of our tracks he wanted to remix. He chose Lotus, which turned out perfectly.

You both have your PhDs in Consumer Psychology, has this given you an edge in selling records?
: Hahaha, I wish! Our sales aren’t in the millions yet but we’re working on it every day.
M: The one important thing we learned is that the more people hear your brand name the more they trust you. So here goes: MUMBAI SCIENCE MUMBAI SCIENCE MUMBAI SCIENCE

Your artwork strikes a resemblance to the Sydney Opera house or at least an origami version of it, have you ever thought of getting some press shots in front of it?
: I know! We’ve there last year and when we saw it, the resemblance was striking. But it’s not based on the Opera House though.
M: It’s actually based on the Lotus temple in New Delhi. We played there in January and have a super bromantic picture of us two on the doorsteps of the temple.

So what’s the deal with Dr Lektroluv? Is he as insane as he seems?
: He’s a beast! Unbeatable in any bar game, and he knows every techno and electro track produced since 1902 by heart.
J: Yeah, it’s great to chat with him about music, he always manages to give us some extra inspiration to push our tracks to the next level.
M: He’s got to lay of the cucumbers though. He’s starting to turn green.

In your spare time what kind of music are you listening to?
: Whatever tracks are included in FIFA 13. Don’t judge me.

5 essential tracks for a rave?
: Uhm. Let’s go for an oldskool Belgian rave!
Outlander – Vamp
Spectrum – Brazil
CJ Bolland – Horsepower
Frank De Wulf – Magic Orchestra
Science Lab – Flesh & Blood

For the music nerds out there, favourite piece of hardware, dream synth and what do you use to produce?
: Korg Monotribe. Roland Jupiter8. Logic

So you both are good looking guys and we all know girls do love djs. Any tips for groupies on how to get backstage?
: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel: throwing underwear at the dj booth works most of the time

What’s in store for the future of Mumbai Science and ultimately what heights do you plan to take this project to?
: We have so many new tracks for you guys! Our next release is already finished and will be out around nov/dev 2012.
M: We’re going to spend a lot of time in the states but of course we’ll be here in Europe as well to play in our favorite clubs. The sky is the limit!
J: To infinity and Beyond!


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