Producer Afrojack is not one to fall short of a headline or even fall short of being a headliner at any major festival around the world. The dutch musician/entrepreneur has had a steep ride to the top and we took some time out with him to ask a few questions.

How do you feel about the fact that you have had top 10 tracks for years and years now? 

Its really dope. Some of my recent tracks have just been for the fans, not doing to much promoting. I want to show people that I am still doing that underground stuff. I'm happy because even with those releases I'm hitting high on the beatport charts. Its great that there is still a spot for underground tracks, even though I still do the mainstream stuff. It has to go two different places.

Is underground the direction you are trying to go with your label (Wall Recordings)?

The label, for the underground music we are going straight to Beatport. For bigger release I'm licensing through Spinnin and Interscope for the singles. Some tracks that I have coming are underground/mainstream. So i'm just going to feel it out and see whats right.

Whats your best moment DJing?

For the past 5 years it's been crazy, every day has been awesome.

You started your career off by touring Greece and just hitting every club right?

For 6 months, I just went everywhere and it set off my career. After that I came back and did one track that released and I got signed. After that I was Djing more around Holland, and it just progressed to what it is today.

Whats up with Jacked?

Its going good. For me its really important, instead of putting my name straight on it, I wanted to have a party name, so I can just party with my friends. Its Afrojack and R3hab, Shermanology, Quentino, and Bobby Burns. Also David (Guetta) and Steve (Aoki) will be stopping by from time to time. Thats why I'm happy its not centered on me. Its just a party. I'm taking it on tour around the US and have already done some dates. Its going to be like 60 gigs across the country total.

Now that you knows some insiders are you going to open some DJ hotels?

Thats a good idea, maybe we should. Jacked Hotel.

We caught your set last night and people were going wild, there were a lot of Djs from different genres out there diggin it. How was that?

You really liked it? Every song? Because one of the tracks was the Paris Hilton instrumentals that I produced.

Haha well we liked it. Thanks!

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